Download DeviceSeal for PC Windows and Mac

DeviceSeal PC: Automated APP for Mic Camera blocking APP provides seamless end user experience

Download DeviceSeal for pc

DeviceSeal is an Android application and is officially available for Android devices only, and that too for Android devices.

It is not a cross functional application, which can run on any system apart from Android.

But did we say that it is quite possible to have it up and running like charm on your Windows PC? Yes, it is very much possible to run DeviceSeal on Windows based PC.

How It Is Different – The Features

Tired of using APPs with manual MIC/Camera blocking capabilities?...... here is the solution, DeviceSeal provides automated modes which ensures seamless end user experience where MIC/Camera are blocked when the device is in idle mode and released when the user starts using the mobile phone.
If you do not want to read this document and go through details, just set the mode to AUTO and enjoy your phone, you will no longer need to worry about your privacy. MIC/Camera will be inaccessible when your phone is in idle mode.

DeviceSeal from ASY-Soft (copyright to 1-Sep 2019).

DeviceSeal is a smart APP running in the background to prevent any unauthorised access to the MIC or CAMERA in addition to the possibility of blocking the camera and MIC in idle conditions, idle conditions mean that the user is not actively engaged with the Mobile phone in any activity.
DeviceSeal was tested on different android phones and does not require any connection to the internet (internet usage showing on the APP STATs is mainly because of Google ADS).
DeviceSeal ensures no interruption to the user actions within the (Default and Auto modes) unlike other APPs that causes impacts on user experience.
1) User will be able use the Mic freely (incoming calls, outgoing calls, recordings,)
2) User will have full control of the Mic within calls (Mute/unmute freely) [as long as the APP is not blocking the MIC and camera]
Rights required by the APP:
1) Right to record audio (to have full control on the Mic)
2) Camera access and Admin rights (admin access for camera is required to control camera availability)
3) Telephone access to make and manage calls to ensure seamless end user experience and to ensure that the AP do not interrupt ongoing calls in Default and Auto modes
For a limited time, all features are offered for free, this is a limited offer and licensed features will be controlled in the future.
Stay tuned for new features that will be continuously added to the APP.
Behind this simple design there is complex logic with continuous learning algorithms that provides an enhanced end user experience.
Why use DeviceSeal:

DeviceSeal provides the user with full control on Mic and Camera, instead of using white and black listing, which is no longer effective against new attacks on device resources, as attackers are able to reuse the access rights granted to any application (installed on the device) and take control of the device resources. DeviceSeal is rather providing the user the chance to control the device resources and its availability time.
DeviceSeal works in three main modes:
• Automated mode (where all the fun is), the APP detects the user interaction and keeps the MIC and Camera available for the user to use
• Manual mode, where the user is required to seal/unseal the device
• Test Mode [only for demonstration purposes]

Automated modes
There are two sub modes in the automated mode
• Auto mode
• Default mode

Auto Mode
• Suitable for heavy users that do not want to have any interaction with the APP, this mode offers seamless experience and consistent device behaviour
The APP will keep the MIC and Camera available as long as the user is actively using the Android device, once the user stops working, MIC and Camera will be blocked in a 1 to 3 minutes (in most cases MIC/Camera will be blocked after 1 min).
The best part is that the user does not need to keep track of any settings/modes, the user will be able to make and receive calls in addition to use the camera and Mic freely anytime (taking photos, recording audio,......
Default mode
• Suitable for light mobile users, this mode will require some consideration from the user to unlock the Camera/Mic (as explained below), this mode provides the user to continue using the Android device while MiC/Camera are blocked
for more detail check the info within the APP
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How To Get DeviceSeal on PC And MAC?

As DeviceSeal is available for Android devices, there’s not straight forward way to get it running on PC or Mac.

For having this app on your system, you need to use emulators which bridges the gap between Android environment and PC or Mac System. Think of emulators as virtual environment setup on your PC running on Windows and Mac, which emulates the Android OS. It is safe and fully trusted method of running Android environment in cross operating system like Windows and Mac.

What is Android Emulator?

An emulator is a software solution that can be used to mirror the android applications on your computers and MAC devices. These emulators can be downloaded from any browser and prove to be useful for running different android applications on your PC.

So, for running DeviceSeal on your Windows or Mac based system, you can either use BlueStacks or Nox App Player which both are the known and fully trusted Android Emulators readily available.

Running DeviceSeal Using BlueStacks

  • Once you download Bluestaks (download link listed above), install the same onto your system.
  • BlueStacks install

  • Download the DeviceSeal APK file (Android executable file) of DeviceSeal (download link given below).
  • →

    1.5 . ASYSOFT

    September 14, 2019 . 10+

  • Double click on APK file, which will get open in Bluestacks.
  • Confirmation pop-up will be shown. All you need is to allow the installation by confirming.
  • Post installation, DeviceSeal will be available on Bluestacks Homescreen. Double click on that and enjoy the live streaming for free!

Running DeviceSeal Using Nox App Player

  • If you choose to use Nox App Player (download link listed above), install the same onto your system.
  • nox install

  • Download the APK file (Android executable file) of DeviceSeal (download link given below)
  • Open the Nox App Player and click on “Add an APK” located at the top right corner bar.
  • Click on “I know” when promoted for validating the install.
  • Post installation, DeviceSeal will be available on Nox App Player Homescreen. Double click on that and enjoy the live streaming for free!

Benefits of having the DeviceSeal for your PC:

  • The size of the DeviceSeal APK file is less which means that you do not have to uninstall other apps before installing it.
  • The simple and user-friendly interface of DeviceSeal enables everyone to operate and handle it easily.
  • Big Screen Play mobile games on a big screen to get a better performance
  • Extremely Smooth Provides you an extremely smooth gameplay experience by the powerful engine
  • Keyboard Control Get the real PC like gaming experience by setting the controls on keyboard, mouse, or gamepad
  • Multi-Instance Run multiple instances at the same time to play more games

Downloading DeviceSeal on Andriod Devices

DeviceSeal is available for Android Devices in official way. However, it is not readily available on Google Play Store to download and install.

Now that doesn’t mean it is not a trusted app! Millions of users are using DeviceSeal now, fulfilling their audiovisual streaming needs.

  • Your Android device must be running on Android 4.1 and up version
  • Your device must have 1GB of minimum RAM
  • Your device must have 150MB free space for Installation
  • Apps from unknown sources must be enabled from settings, to allow installing DeviceSeal

Once all the requirements are fulfilled as listed above, go ahead and download the APK (download from below), and tap on APK to install.