Download HuntersMapp for PC Windows and Mac

HuntersMapp PC: More than just a hunting app!
A combination of hunting app and messenger app!

Download HuntersMapp for pc

HuntersMapp is an Android application and is officially available for Android devices only, and that too for Android devices.

It is not a cross functional application, which can run on any system apart from Android.

But did we say that it is quite possible to have it up and running like charm on your Windows PC? Yes, it is very much possible to run HuntersMapp on Windows based PC.

How It Is Different – The Features


You already know Hunting Apps and you also know Messenger Apps. HuntersMapp is a combination of both and creates completely new possibilities!

YOUR ADVANTAGE: We are collaborating very closely and in a spirit of trust with national and international hunting and weapon associations.


Receive current hunting news, amongst others in the fields of hunting rights, weapons law, from weapon associations, hunting associations and media, directly on your mobile phone.

Chat with your hunting friends on a whim via the HuntersMapp chat. Send texts, images, GPS position data, hunting territory data and diary entries to your friends.

Whether you are going for a driven hunt or a battue: plan hunts comfortably with the HuntersMapp and invite your best friends!

Thanks to our Peer-to-Peer Messenger you can chat with your friends without Internet connection, e.g. on battues and driven hunts.

The SOS button allows you to call quickly and easily for help in case of emergency!


Hunting weather, general weather conditions, wind and moon information. All this is not only available as a 5-day preview, but also as a 5-hour preview

Hunting diary and equipment manager

About 20 calls for deer, fox, racoon, duck, etc.

Simple hunt (live position display for all hunting participants, group chat, ...)

Organised hunt (complete driven hunt organisation including role distribution for drivers, dog handlers, hunters, first aid, leaders of search for injured game ..., distribution of hunters on driven hunts, hunting rules and much more)

GOOD TO KNOW: All participants logged into the LiveHunt are displayed live on the hunting map by means of their GPS signal, and in the augmented reality mode they are superimposed into the live image of your mobile phone camera with name, profile picture, role in the hunt and distance to you.


Here no wishes remain unfulfilled!


Download your territory map to work with the APP without any problems, even without Internet connection in the territory.

Create, manage, copy and share as many hunting territories as you like...

Augmented Reality

Boundaries, hunting facilities, other objects (e.g. salt licks, feedings, bait sites ...)

By means of the hourly wind preview on the district map, you can see immediately at which seating facilities the wind conditions are favourable during the next 8 hours

Rangefinder integrated in the area map

YOUR ADVANTAGE: All changes in hunting grounds can be shared between your hunting friends. Thus, all the fellows are continuously kept up-to-date and multiple entries can be avoided.


HuntersMapp - Cloud, create backups of your data on the HuntersMapp - Cloud and use them with the HuntersMapp on multiple devices

HuntersMapp Peer-to-Peer Messenger (communication without telephone network and Internet connection - limited range)

HuntersMapp Hardware (available from 2019, link our hardware to your phone via Bluetooth and communicate with your friends without public networks up to 5 km away!


Includes free access to Hunting News, Messenger, Hunting Module (restricted), Hunting Diary and Equipment Manager (restricted), Hunting events (only Hunting Participant function, without Augmented Reality) and SOS Module.

HuntersMapp Pro for one year - the subscription includes a free trial subscription for one month, i.e. the first invoicing will take place after expiry of the trial period, unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the trial period has expired. The subscription is automatically renewed but can be cancelled at any time up to 24 hours before the end of the subscription.

Permanent access to HuntersMapp Pro, unlimited duration.

But now: Enjoy the ultimate HuntersMapp!

Your HuntersMapp Team
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How To Get HuntersMapp on PC And MAC?

As HuntersMapp is available for Android devices, there’s not straight forward way to get it running on PC or Mac.

For having this app on your system, you need to use emulators which bridges the gap between Android environment and PC or Mac System. Think of emulators as virtual environment setup on your PC running on Windows and Mac, which emulates the Android OS. It is safe and fully trusted method of running Android environment in cross operating system like Windows and Mac.

What is Android Emulator?

An emulator is a software solution that can be used to mirror the android applications on your computers and MAC devices. These emulators can be downloaded from any browser and prove to be useful for running different android applications on your PC.

So, for running HuntersMapp on your Windows or Mac based system, you can either use BlueStacks or Nox App Player which both are the known and fully trusted Android Emulators readily available.

Running HuntersMapp Using BlueStacks

  • Once you download Bluestaks (download link listed above), install the same onto your system.
  • BlueStacks install

  • Download the HuntersMapp APK file (Android executable file) of HuntersMapp (download link given below).
  • →

    2.2.5 . Outlander LB GmbH

    October 25, 2019 . 5 K+

  • Double click on APK file, which will get open in Bluestacks.
  • Confirmation pop-up will be shown. All you need is to allow the installation by confirming.
  • Post installation, HuntersMapp will be available on Bluestacks Homescreen. Double click on that and enjoy the live streaming for free!

Running HuntersMapp Using Nox App Player

  • If you choose to use Nox App Player (download link listed above), install the same onto your system.
  • nox install

  • Download the APK file (Android executable file) of HuntersMapp (download link given below)
  • Open the Nox App Player and click on “Add an APK” located at the top right corner bar.
  • Click on “I know” when promoted for validating the install.
  • Post installation, HuntersMapp will be available on Nox App Player Homescreen. Double click on that and enjoy the live streaming for free!

Benefits of having the HuntersMapp for your PC:

  • The size of the HuntersMapp APK file is less which means that you do not have to uninstall other apps before installing it.
  • The simple and user-friendly interface of HuntersMapp enables everyone to operate and handle it easily.
  • Big Screen Play mobile games on a big screen to get a better performance
  • Extremely Smooth Provides you an extremely smooth gameplay experience by the powerful engine
  • Keyboard Control Get the real PC like gaming experience by setting the controls on keyboard, mouse, or gamepad
  • Multi-Instance Run multiple instances at the same time to play more games

Downloading HuntersMapp on Andriod Devices

HuntersMapp is available for Android Devices in official way. However, it is not readily available on Google Play Store to download and install.

Now that doesn’t mean it is not a trusted app! Millions of users are using HuntersMapp now, fulfilling their audiovisual streaming needs.

  • Your Android device must be running on Android 4.1 and up version
  • Your device must have 1GB of minimum RAM
  • Your device must have 150MB free space for Installation
  • Apps from unknown sources must be enabled from settings, to allow installing HuntersMapp

Once all the requirements are fulfilled as listed above, go ahead and download the APK (download from below), and tap on APK to install.