Download myDC Control for PC Windows and Mac

myDC Control PC: Remote access to Distech Controls’ ECB, ECL and ECY series controllers’ data

Download myDC Control for pc

myDC Control is an Android application and is officially available for Android devices only, and that too for Android devices.

It is not a cross functional application, which can run on any system apart from Android.

But did we say that it is quite possible to have it up and running like charm on your Windows PC? Yes, it is very much possible to run myDC Control on Windows based PC.

How It Is Different – The Features

The myDC Control app provides easy remote access to Distech Controls’ ECB series BACnet®, ECL series LonWorks® and ECLYPSE Connected System Controllers ’ internal data in order to facilitate interaction with the system and monitor its status. Quickly view, edit, and configure operating parameters of an HVAC system; while the color-coded icons provide at-a-glance indication of alarms and override conditions.
This easy-to-use, intuitive, and powerful application allows users to:
- Access to input and output values
- Change setpoints
- Override outputs
- Monitor list of active alarms
- Monitor list of points in overrides
- Commission inputs and outputs
- Tune PIDs
- Configure calendars and schedules
- Create and save connections to multiple sites for quick and easy access to different EC-NetAX systems and ECLYPSE Connected System Controllers
- Tunnel through an EC-NetAX Supervisor proxy host for connecting to ECB and ECL series controllers

Users have access to a Demo site where they will be able to get accustomed with the application and its different functionalities. The myDC Control app works with Distech Controls systems, solutions, and products; minimal configuration of EC-NetAX is required when connecting to ECB and ECL series controllers.
Connection to ECB and ECL series controllers is available when they are operating under an EC-NetAX system. Direct connection to ECLYPSE Connected System Controllers is available. This controller does not need to be operating under an EC-NetAX system; connection through an EC-NetAX system will be added in upcoming releases.
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How To Get myDC Control on PC And MAC?

As myDC Control is available for Android devices, there’s not straight forward way to get it running on PC or Mac.

For having this app on your system, you need to use emulators which bridges the gap between Android environment and PC or Mac System. Think of emulators as virtual environment setup on your PC running on Windows and Mac, which emulates the Android OS. It is safe and fully trusted method of running Android environment in cross operating system like Windows and Mac.

What is Android Emulator?

An emulator is a software solution that can be used to mirror the android applications on your computers and MAC devices. These emulators can be downloaded from any browser and prove to be useful for running different android applications on your PC.

So, for running myDC Control on your Windows or Mac based system, you can either use BlueStacks or Nox App Player which both are the known and fully trusted Android Emulators readily available.

Running myDC Control Using BlueStacks

  • Once you download Bluestaks (download link listed above), install the same onto your system.
  • BlueStacks install

  • Download the myDC Control APK file (Android executable file) of myDC Control (download link given below).
  • →
    myDC Control

    2.4.18351.1 . Distech Controls

    December 21, 2018 . 5 K+

  • Double click on APK file, which will get open in Bluestacks.
  • Confirmation pop-up will be shown. All you need is to allow the installation by confirming.
  • Post installation, myDC Control will be available on Bluestacks Homescreen. Double click on that and enjoy the live streaming for free!

Running myDC Control Using Nox App Player

  • If you choose to use Nox App Player (download link listed above), install the same onto your system.
  • nox install

  • Download the APK file (Android executable file) of myDC Control (download link given below)
  • Open the Nox App Player and click on “Add an APK” located at the top right corner bar.
  • Click on “I know” when promoted for validating the install.
  • Post installation, myDC Control will be available on Nox App Player Homescreen. Double click on that and enjoy the live streaming for free!

Benefits of having the myDC Control for your PC:

  • The size of the myDC Control APK file is less which means that you do not have to uninstall other apps before installing it.
  • The simple and user-friendly interface of myDC Control enables everyone to operate and handle it easily.
  • Big Screen Play mobile games on a big screen to get a better performance
  • Extremely Smooth Provides you an extremely smooth gameplay experience by the powerful engine
  • Keyboard Control Get the real PC like gaming experience by setting the controls on keyboard, mouse, or gamepad
  • Multi-Instance Run multiple instances at the same time to play more games

Downloading myDC Control on Andriod Devices

myDC Control is available for Android Devices in official way. However, it is not readily available on Google Play Store to download and install.

Now that doesn’t mean it is not a trusted app! Millions of users are using myDC Control now, fulfilling their audiovisual streaming needs.

  • Your Android device must be running on Android 4.1 and up version
  • Your device must have 1GB of minimum RAM
  • Your device must have 150MB free space for Installation
  • Apps from unknown sources must be enabled from settings, to allow installing myDC Control

Once all the requirements are fulfilled as listed above, go ahead and download the APK (download from below), and tap on APK to install.