Download TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. for PC Windows and Mac

TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. PC: Professional and popular watch analyzing and timing tool for mechanical watches

Download TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. for pc

TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. is an Android application and is officially available for Android devices only, and that too for Android devices.

It is not a cross functional application, which can run on any system apart from Android.

But did we say that it is quite possible to have it up and running like charm on your Windows PC? Yes, it is very much possible to run TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. on Windows based PC.

How It Is Different – The Features

TICKOPRINT® is a powerful watch analyzing and timing application for all MECHANICAL wrist watch movements. It features an easy-to-use graphical interface which shows the classic “running paper strip” diagram like being performed by professional watch timing machines. TICKOPRINT offers an automatic heart beat detection and checks accuracy, beat error and amplitude* of the movement.

TICKOPRINT® is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Finnish, Japanese and Turkish.

TICKOPRINT® comes with an in-built benchmark test to check if your smart phone or tablet CPU is sufficient to run TICKOPRINT®. Sophisticated noise reduction, signal detection and signal computing functions are insuring that TICKOPRINT® can be used with the standard head set supplied with your ANDROID device.

For professional results we recommend the optional set of TICKOAMP, the sophisticated signal preprocessor and TICKOMIC Pro, a high-sensitive clamp microphone, which is designed to perform all kinds of multi-position testing easily and comfortable. This set is available on request.

TICKOPRINT® FREE displays the accuracy deviation in seconds/24h and shows the beat error by the gap in the diagram line. A “Tick” simulation with user-selectable values shows the working model of TICKOPRINT. All tests can be stored on the mobile device and can be replayed for checking the test results. The "running paper strip" direction is selectable (horizontally or vertically).

TICKOPRINT® PRO offers the numerical display of accuracy plus the beat error in milliseconds. It features an additional, highly sophisticated “Trace” diagram which shows the movement ticks in detail and in high resolution. The X- and Y-axis resolution of the TICKOPRINT® “running paper strip” diagram is user-selectable, too.

It has an in-built watch database which can hold all important data of a particular watch and is capable of saving remarks regarding the test results. The integration time count for computing the average accuracy deviation is user-selectable within given values.

TICKOPRINT® PREMIUM (*) offers additional sophisticated features like display of the balance amplitude value; the balance lift angle is user-selectable to insure high quality results.

The additional graphical waveform display of the tick noise grants the ability for deeper analysis of the entire escapement system of hard to discover damages like defects of pallet stones etc.

It offers extended features for the in-built watch database: the ability to store images of a particular watch and all tests which have been performed for a watch; and to submit a complete watch dossier with test result diagrams and watch images via e-mail. This bunch of highly sophisticated additional features will make TICKOPRINT® Premium being the first-choice tool for watch professionals.

TICKOPRINT ®. Precision counts.

(*) TICKOPRINT® Premium only

TICKOPRINT® and the TICKOPRINT® logo is a registered trademark of andiOS UG, Germany. All rights reserved.

To avoid (thankfully rather rare) negative one-star feedbacks: Before using TICKOPRINT please notice that it works with MECHANICAL watch movments only!


Important notice - connector for external mic

We recently have discovered that certain tablets which offer WiFi functionality only (without GSM services) do not have a wired external microphone connector. The commonly used and built-in 3.5 mm RCA connector offers ear phone connectivity only, but it is not possible to use an external microphone on these particular devices as the built-in mic contacts are internally unwired. These particular tablets are not suitable for TICKOPRINT as it mandatory.needs an external mic for operation.
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How To Get TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. on PC And MAC?

As TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. is available for Android devices, there’s not straight forward way to get it running on PC or Mac.

For having this app on your system, you need to use emulators which bridges the gap between Android environment and PC or Mac System. Think of emulators as virtual environment setup on your PC running on Windows and Mac, which emulates the Android OS. It is safe and fully trusted method of running Android environment in cross operating system like Windows and Mac.

What is Android Emulator?

An emulator is a software solution that can be used to mirror the android applications on your computers and MAC devices. These emulators can be downloaded from any browser and prove to be useful for running different android applications on your PC.

So, for running TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. on your Windows or Mac based system, you can either use BlueStacks or Nox App Player which both are the known and fully trusted Android Emulators readily available.

Running TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. Using BlueStacks

  • Once you download Bluestaks (download link listed above), install the same onto your system.
  • BlueStacks install

  • Download the TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. APK file (Android executable file) of TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. (download link given below).
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  • Double click on APK file, which will get open in Bluestacks.
  • Confirmation pop-up will be shown. All you need is to allow the installation by confirming.
  • Post installation, TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. will be available on Bluestacks Homescreen. Double click on that and enjoy the live streaming for free!

Running TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. Using Nox App Player

  • If you choose to use Nox App Player (download link listed above), install the same onto your system.
  • nox install

  • Download the APK file (Android executable file) of TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. (download link given below)
  • Open the Nox App Player and click on “Add an APK” located at the top right corner bar.
  • Click on “I know” when promoted for validating the install.
  • Post installation, TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. will be available on Nox App Player Homescreen. Double click on that and enjoy the live streaming for free!

Benefits of having the TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. for your PC:

  • The size of the TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. APK file is less which means that you do not have to uninstall other apps before installing it.
  • The simple and user-friendly interface of TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. enables everyone to operate and handle it easily.
  • Big Screen Play mobile games on a big screen to get a better performance
  • Extremely Smooth Provides you an extremely smooth gameplay experience by the powerful engine
  • Keyboard Control Get the real PC like gaming experience by setting the controls on keyboard, mouse, or gamepad
  • Multi-Instance Run multiple instances at the same time to play more games

Downloading TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. on Andriod Devices

TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. is available for Android Devices in official way. However, it is not readily available on Google Play Store to download and install.

Now that doesn’t mean it is not a trusted app! Millions of users are using TICKOPRINT. Precision counts. now, fulfilling their audiovisual streaming needs.

  • Your Android device must be running on Android 4.1 and up version
  • Your device must have 1GB of minimum RAM
  • Your device must have 150MB free space for Installation
  • Apps from unknown sources must be enabled from settings, to allow installing TICKOPRINT. Precision counts.

Once all the requirements are fulfilled as listed above, go ahead and download the APK (download from below), and tap on APK to install.